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Most conventional homeowner insurance policies DO NOT COVER heating oil tank leaks.  In recent years, leaking oil tanks have contaminated soil and drinking water sources for nearby homes and communities, and have become costly for owners to clean up.  Pilgrim Oil Group provides guidance for homeowners and commercial locations on how to protect the environment and save money by preventing the need for costly clean-ups and payment of legal fees.

It is very difficult for consumers to know if their in-ground heating oil tank is leaking because there is no way to see it.  If you have become accustom with high fees associated with oil tank insurance, then maybe it's time to switch.  Oil tank leak protection works the same way as oil tank insurance without the high cost attached.  The low price leak protection program offers many value added benefits that oil tank insurance does not. 

Pilgrim's environmental partners objective is to help members manage the cost of claims settlement while effecting a successful conclusion.  Pilgrim partners represent your interest in all matters of claims and litigation management.  When subordination is involved, our partners frequently eliminate the need for attorneys and long protracted legal proceedings. 

Pilgrim's environmental partners provide multi faceted support services to the oil insurance industry.  They can assist in claim cost containment, and have also developed a highly effective strategy for overall risk minimization.  Their heating oil tank pre-qualification program can reduce the risk for claims by 20-30%. 

If you've been looking for oil tank insurance, this is the time to look into oil tank leak protection.  Consumers are covered up to $100,000 in cleanup costs and periodic inspections are done free of charge.  The oil tank leak protection policy is fully transferable if you decide to sell your home.  This fuel tank leak protection service is underwritten by an A rated insurance company. 

Feel free to contact us for a free price quote or to discuss the oil tank leak protection program, an alternative to oil tank insurance.  Read more about the great benefits this policy has to offer.

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