Low Oil Prices


Automatic discount home heating oil and propane delivery is for all members who don't want to worry about monitoring their fuel tank.

Cap Price - is designed so that propane and heating oil prices will never go above the pre-determined price. If your market rate is lower than the cap price on the day of your delivery, you pay the lower amount.

Lock in Price - is a fixed price per gallon of propane or heating oil that will not fluctuate with the market; the discount gas price stays the same all season long.

Pre Buy - when a member chooses to pre-purchase propane or heating, they lock in a pre-season rate that guarantees their price will not go up during the contract. You make a total payment upfront, specifying the number of gallons you wish to purchase.

COD heating oil and propane members call any time to check market price in their area and request discount cash on delivery.
Tank Insurance - Protection for any leaks or damage for in-ground or above-ground heating oil tanks. Pilgrim is affiliated with many fuel oil tank insurance companies and has pre-negotiated discount prices for all members. 

Tank Test - Pilgrim is affiliated with many of the city's premier fuel tank testing companies, and has negotiated favorable discounts for all members on their next oil tank test.

Service Contract - Pilgrim Distributors offer free and paid service contracts depending on the area you live in. Call Pilgrim for details.

Heating Oil Additive - Pilgrim Has helped formulate a fuel additive the will help members save money by having their heating system run more efficiently all year long. 

Group Discount - Pilgrim has negotiated with companies like Jiffy Lube and other major brands so members can receive discounts on products and services. Check Oil For Less for updates.  

Heating oil consumers stay in touch with fluctuating oil market conditions

Low price oil tank leak protection service will call and automatics welcome
www oiltankinsurance.com

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